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Microsoft E3 Liveblog

June 14, 2010

Well it’s all over. Impressions will be up sometime today!

1:11: Just saw a commercial for the conference and saw a clip of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid.

1:30: Show has started and it’s M rated, good to know!

1:31: New sounds and design for the Xbox?

1:32: Call of Duty: Black Ops is starting the show off, talking about lies and stuff. Mostly the same footage that we saw from the earlier trailers.

1:33: Mark Lamia on stage to demo Black Ops from Treyarch. A little too dramatic opening there…

1:34: Crawling through a dark tunnel, naughty language edited out. How this guy is playing is way too frustrating. Graphics look…eh?

1:37: Flying a helicopter around the jungle blowing stuff up. Looks like Battlefield.

1:39: Don Mattrick is out now following up the demo. Announcing that all DLC will be timed exclusives for Xbox 360 for 3 years.

1:42: Hideo Kojima coming out on stage now showing off Metal Gear Rising.

1:44: First gameplay footage of Rising is being shown, an old warehouse with shell casings and a nasty robot.

1:45: Raiden cut a guy in half and took his spine and became electrified seems to suggest you can take their abilities. Very gore, people being cut into chunks and blood spraying everywhere. Cool interface for how you cut people.

1:47: Phil Spencer on-stage talking about graphics and technology doodads.

1:48: CliffyB on stage showing off Gears of War 3 with 4 player co-op.

1:49 pen battlefield, guy gets his arm torn off and beaten to death by it. Melee looks very very brutal.

1:50 Gun switching between characters is a go, Lambent tentacle popped up and transformed a normal Locust into a freak.

1:52: Boss battle of sorts with a big Locust transformed and running around all over the place, Hammer of Dawn lighting the place up.

1:53: New mode for Gears 3 called “Beast.”

1:54: Peter Molyneux on stage talking about Fable III. October 26, 2010.

1:55: Ship battles, combining magic powers, looks pretty sweet.

1:56: Crytek is apparently an Xbox partner now, showing off a game that’s not set in the jungle. “Codename: Kingdoms.”

1:58: Halo:Reach time! Marcus Lehto is on stage.

2:04: That was pretty awesome, had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Game looks grittier than the other entries. Space battles using the new Saber.

2:06: Showing of Kinect and the menu system that it’ll be using. Rather impressive.

2:09: Saying “Xbox” then a command instructs the console to do what you say. Menu also seems to lock onto where you’re pointing to make it a little easier to control.

2:10: New Xbox Live functionality: Video Kinect which is their take on video chat that works outside of your Xbox circle with Windows Messenger. Friends list and stuff like that.

2:13: Allows the watching of movies for both people during the video chat. This is pretty awkward though.

2:15: ESPN on Xbox 360.

2:17: Guys from ESPN are now on stage, much less awkward then all of the other presenters, thankfully.

2:19: You can “join” one side and it looks like they’ll tell you how many people are rooting for which side. Other stuff being done during the game like trivia and facts.

2:21: Looks pretty cool, unfortunately NFL was absent from the list of sports they’d be supporting, hopefully that can get worked out.

2:22: Kudo Tsonda is on stage now, dashing purple sweat jacket.

2:24: Creepy child playing Kinectimals. Enthusiasm…null.

2:26: Kinect Sports is being shown off with fontĀ reminiscentĀ of Wii Resort. Bunch of people in a stadium but nothing too crazy…

2:28: Running game that finishes with that one song that I can’t name. But why would any self-respecting gamer want to work out while play?

2:30: Joyride coming out, using the “hands at the 2 and 10 position” to control the game. Seems to be working well enough but I don’t see why we couldn’t have just used a controller for this.

2:33: Kinect Adventures showing off people on cars grabbing things in the air. Yay?

2:35: Same game but with a raft. I don’t see much difference between all of the games that have been shown off today, couldn’t they be on a single disc?

2:38: Ubisoft showing off yet another fitness game. Really original.

2:41: There is some nasty delay in this demonstration. Like serious, game breaking delay. I’m getting the feeling that we may not be ABLE to play hardcore games with Kinect.

2:43: It’s accurate in determining what you’re doing…but like a second or two later.

2:45: Dance Central is being shown off. Apparently a pre-req to play is making angry faces and dressing like a hipster. I guess I’m not their target demographic.

2:48: I’m feeling awkward just sitting here watching this. There’s no way in hell I’m going to actually get up and play this in front of people.

2:50: November 4th launch date. 15 launch titles (yikes). No price point…hmm.

2:51: Wow…Microsoft really is dropping the ball with this Kinect presentation.

2:52: Turn 10 is on stage showing off Kinect driving Forza 3 using the same controls as the other games and allowing head tracking. PGR type modes included in the game. But is it the definitive way to play the game?

2:54: PGR3 had this with a control, why do we need Kinect for this?

2:56: Don Mattrick is back, hopefully taking this sick dog out to pasture.

2:58: New Xbox 360 model. Looks sleek but it has a bunch of features that should’ve come standard 5 years ago. Still $299 though, should’ve come down I think.

3:00: I guess that’s it. Microsoft should probably think about bringing some more energy to their show next year.


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