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Kinect Software Outed

June 13, 2010

One of the big things that most people who have been following Project Natal, now Kinect, want to know is what kind of software it’ll be coming with. We all know that these sort of things live and die based on what we can play on it. Thankfully USA Today has pushed out an article that lists some of the software that we can expect to see on Kinect once the device launches.

Kinectimals lets you train and play with 20 different virtual cats, including a lion, cheetah and tiger.

Joyride, a racing game, lets players use their hands to hold an imaginary steering wheel — pull your hands toward you and push back out for an acceleration boost — and their bodies to execute jumps and tricks.

Kinect Sports has six activities including boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis. To serve a volleyball, you mimic the real motion; in soccer, you can kick the ball or do a header.

Kinect Adventures includes a river-raft time trial and obstacle course, playable by up to four players. On the raft, playing as a duo, you and a partner must lean one way or another to steer. Jumping helps the raft reach special areas for extra points.

Dance Central, in development by MTV Games, brings a So You Think You Can Dance experience home.

Star Wars characters and iconic Disney favorites will be featured in separate new games being developed at Microsoft in conjunction with LucasArts and Disney.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that Joyride was the free Avatar game that was announced at last year’s E3 but disappeared shortly thereafter. I’m guessing it hasn’t changed too much since it was pushed out and will be controlled like the Burnout demo shown on Jimmy Fallon.

Other than the titles seem quite lackluster, to be honest. Kinectimals sounds like it’d be interesting for a few hours at most or maybe for kids without pets. Kinect Sports is Wii Sports, just on the 360, there’s no question about it and I have a feeling people who have grown tired of Wii Sports won’t be rushing back to play this. And Kinect Adventures sounds like a parallel to Kinect Sports but with multiple people. Dance Central might be entertaining but I wonder why people would need a game to dance in their living room. And the final game with Star Wars and Disney characters is an odd mash-up but it might be able to satiate people’s needs to swing lightsabers around.


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One Comment
  1. echo1sniper permalink

    I hope they get some real games to use with it cause those just aren’t going to cut it. Might as well go out and buy a Wii…

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