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Microsoft Press Conference Impression

I had concerns going into the Microsoft press conference and, unfortunately, they were completely valid. With Nintendo’s success in the casual market and the Wii it’s understandable that Microsoft would want to tap into that revenue stream. But after seeing the press conference I think that they’ve done that at expense of their fan base without making any appreciable gains in the casual market. Here’s my impressions of what Microsoft showed and what we can expect over the next year.

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Microsoft E3 Liveblog

Well it’s all over. Impressions will be up sometime today! Read more…

My Kinect Concerns

I’ve got some serious concerns regarding Microsoft’s Kinect that’s coming out this year. With almost unstoppable flow of information coming out tonight in advance of the Cirque de Soleil event tonight and the full conference tomorrow we’ve got a better idea of what Microsoft’s goal is with the device. These are some the issues that, on the eve of its coming out party, that I have: Read more…

Kinect Software Outed

One of the big things that most people who have been following Project Natal, now Kinect, want to know is what kind of software it’ll be coming with. We all know that these sort of things live and die based on what we can play on it. Thankfully USA Today has pushed out an article that lists some of the software that we can expect to see on Kinect once the device launches.

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Project Natal is Now Kinect, New Xbox Model

Just a few hours out from the Project Natal unveiling we’ve come to learn what the device’s real name will be: Kinect. Uh…yeah, hope they didn’t spend a lot of time coming up with that name because I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty bad.

We’ve also learned that a new, slimmer model of the 360 will be coming out as well and will have a 250GB hard drive. Featuring some pretty aggressive lines and enormous vents on the side it does look pretty cool but unfortunately the image is pretty low res and doesn’t have any sort of comparison to see how big it actually is.

Hopefully Microsoft hasn’t lost all of their secrets for this E3 (I doubt it) but these are some of the big things we can expect out of them over the next two days.

Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 Leaked

Bear with me on this post since it’s from my Droid, but Gamespot’s interactive E3 map for EA has revealed that they will be seen next week. This isn’t such a huge surprise since Mass Effect was launched as a trilogy and Dragon Age: Origins is, as the title suggest, the first entry into the franchise.

I wasn’t expecting them this soon, but on the other hand I’m not complaining. Can’t wait to see what these games will look like.

New 2-D Mortal Kombat Game Announced

After this short film tease, the internet has been abuzz with rumors about the possibilities of a new Mortal Kombat movie or game. It seems that the hopes for a new MK movie will have to stay on hold for now but a new 2-D Mortal Kombat game is on its way. According to Warner Bros. has announced that a new classic 2-D MK game is in the works for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.   Read more…